I bought a new console for my birthday.

I also bought SSBB, so if anyone has friend codes they want to share w/me

mine is 0560-0104-6961


So, I shall be old & decrepit tomorrow. I'll probably forget how computers work & need a cane, mainly to wave at young people.

There is so much good in my life right now...and so much bad. Most of the bad is my fault...but...bleh.

Further addendum

Nope, didn't resolve the issue...
between power cycling, random time of day, I'm connected for the moment...but a tech will hopefully be stopping by today to check things out.

::crosses fingers & not lines::


So, 8:30am - Cable calls me to inform me he's coming with the cable in roughly 1/2 an hour.
9:15am - Cable Guy arrives.
9:45am - I have the power, or something.

2:00pm - I've had to power cycle my modem twice, internet keeps cutting out.
5:00pm - I call Time Warner to inform them that the internet isn't behaving.
7:00om - Having power cycled one last time, internet behaves, I goto sleep.
9:30pm - The same cable guy returns, swaps out modem...
Now - hoping this was the cause, going back to sleep.


I has teh interwebz

So..yeah, internet got cut off last week, and now I have it once more via the cable company in the new apartment.

Oh yeah, new apartment.

I also have cable TVs now.