Nick "Naraht" Frame (naraht) wrote,
Nick "Naraht" Frame

LOL @ Naraht posting on LJ

So, I got back from Star Trek just now, seeing it after an 11 hour Monday shift at work....

here are my thoughts...

So..I'm really on the fence with this...

There were a great many things I loved, and quite a few that made me cringe. I would have much rather this been a true reboot of the franchise, with no attempts to tie it to the 60s canon. I'm not happy with the "Lets blow up Vulcan" part of the plot, and I wasn't happy with the Romulans. My internet handle is Naraht, who's a character in dduane's Rihansu series of books. Those are the "Romulans" I know. So, I had unrealistic expectations. But honestly, I don't feel enough was done with Nero to make him a good villain. That said...Star Trek has a long history of mediocre villains, so..

I really enjoyed most of the cast. I could have done without Chekov's overly heavy accent, and Scotty seemed a bit to absent minded, but you got the feeling that these were real people, who were more than racially designated seat warmers, for the Kirk/Spock/McCoy show.

So there you have it.

Well, some of it...fact is, I R Pooped, so, more later.

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